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K-9 Allure to offer sponsorships



K-9 ALLURE has begun a program for giving dog companies an opportunity to feature their information on K-9 Allures website, course signature, and company branded collateral (brochures, T-shirts, promotional items).

“These sponsorship's are available at founder’s pricing,” says Dave Weinberg, owner of K-9 ALLURE. “Our courses will bring in hundreds of dog owners everyday, with a unique opportunity for dogs to exercise, and owners to see dogs participating in a fast-paced, exciting new activity. Your company will get many new impressions at every event.

”Sponsorship start as low as $20/month, and our bronze, silver and gold sponsorship will provide your company with exclusive rights to each product and service category.

For more information, contact us at  


K-9 Allure launches new website!



Our website has finally  been updated and relaunched!   We first started in March 2014.

 We now have a new look  starting in January 2019. Drop us a line and let us know what you think. 

We have K-9 ALLURE event photos, and every time we meet, we’ll post more.    

K-9 ALLURE features our Wicked Coursing 75+ mph motor, which sends the lure -- and your dog -- screaming through a set course. The dog sees NOTHING except the lure, and has to have it. But, our skilled course operators won’t let that happen, because we are always one step ahead of the dog! But we do let them catch it at the end. 

So, as more events add up, look for us blogging this page. And, check out our Gallery and video's to see if your dog made the final cut! 

Timing & MPH



We try to time and clock MPH every dog who runs our course.  In Second place is a Aussie  named Shiloh who can run the course at 10.6 seconds at 33 MPH. In 1st place is a whippet named Tora, he can run the course at 10.0 seconds at 35 MPH.  Do you think that your dog  can beat this time and speed?

Bring your dog(s) down and find out! 



75 + MPH L'il Monster luring machine



What is this blue thing with the black pulley? A blender? Perhaps an old record player?

Not quite..

Wicked Coursing, based in San Diego, CA, manufactures the heart of our lure coursing program. This incredible machine can speed lures through the course up to 75+ MILES PER HOUR. Designed for Cheetahs, this system gives us the ability to keep the lure in front of the dog.


Come and watch in amazement as all types of dogs go crazy over the lure. Their instincts kicked in, and they  go after it with gazelle-like focus.

Our calendar 2019 per month


   Hi everyone, We will be back at Craig ranch park on this Sunday 2/23/20 from 9am to 2pm. 


   So just a reminder what is fastCat. It is a straight 300 ft run with no obstacles. We will time and MPH your dog(s). With AKC your dog(s) compete against other dogs in their breeds. 

IE: Whippets ,Dachshunds,German Shepherds and so forth.  AKC does provide a list of the fastest dog(s) by breed you you can compare your time and MPH. This way if you decide to compete in a FastCat events, you will know where you are in the standing and know what your dog needs to improve on. THE CHASE IS ON!  










At Craig ranch park,  we will be there from 9 am to  2 pm.  If you go all the way to the back of the park, you will find 3 dog run areas.   We will be just right of the large park area.  



Please check this site or Facebook       



for updates. I post every week on both sites

Craig Ranch Regional Park



628 W. Craig Road, North Las Vegas, NV 89032.

We are located just right of the large dog park area.  We are there just about every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm. 

Check the news tab in our calendar for updates.   



For more information contact Dave at 702-203-9651