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Alluring fun for your dog

Dogs absolutely LOVE lure coursing!  Most all dogs love the thrill of the chase.  It does not matter what size or shape your dog is, chances are they enjoy chasing things.  Even if you think they won’t – many people are very surprised when their dogs go crazy for the lure!  That is why we’re called K-9 Allure. K-9 Allure specializes in lure coursing for dogs.  This is a great sport and entertainment for not only dogs but you as well.  It’s a fun way for your dog to exercise not just their body but also their natural instincts.  By keeping your dog’s mind and natural instincts stimulated, you have a happier, healthier and younger feeling dog. Our course is open for all types and breeds of dogs.  Your dog will chase various different lures ranging from stuff less toys to a plastic bag around an obstacle course.  Our lures, move by remote control along the course on a string that winds around a set of pulleys.  The dog tracks the lure, by sight, along a predetermined path.  Our course is approximately 400 yards or 200 feet by 200 feet.  This may vary depending on the location. The course is enclosed with safety netting to guide your pet through the course.  This keeps the dog on track to enjoy the entire lure course experience and keeps spectators and other dogs at a safe distance from the course runners.
keep your dog feeling young! Playing fetch, walks, dog park, sit, stay... anything else new in your dog’s life lately? While you can teach a young dog new tricks, old dogs don’t always catch on right away.  Helping to keep your dog’s mind and natural instincts stimulated normally results in a happier, healthier, and younger feeling dog.  If you want something great, check out the K-9 Allure calendar, and see where we will set up next. Go to the news tab. You see, K-9 Allure goes all around Southern Nevada (and soon around the country) providing opportunities for dogs to run around the course and have fun. What’s more, you can even get photos when you come out, showing your dog smoking the course. Contact us at 702-203-9651 for more information.